Mixed Media Artist

Exchange Exhibit

For this collection Roberts ended up collaging handprinted paper and fabric and drawing back into the work with stitching. Surprisingly this began a whole new body of work that integrated her approach from many of her fiber pieces in the past to her current printed works.

As a collaboration between two printmaking groups from Maine, Circling the Square Fine Art Press and One of a Kind Printers the artists were randomly paired together.  Each artist did a 15″ x 15″ piece and handed it off to the other artist.  They would then create another piece (the same size) based on their response to the piece they received and write a brief statement on that response.  Roberts’ collaborative partner was Donna Parkinson.

The two groups met several times and came up with the following ideas: Often times an artist’s work centers on their response to the world around them from their perspective. Collaborations between artists offer the opportunity of response that is coupled with another person’s response.  It is a response to a response so to speak. Collaborations offer expanded creativity and at the same time build community between artists and art groups.

The works were exhibited at Circling the Square Fine Art Press and the Brunswick Public Library. Several pieces from this project were selected for a group exhibition at the Landing Gallery in 2012 entitled “Pressing On” curated by Bruce Brown.  This gave Roberts the opportunity to have her work introduced to Bruce Busko the owner and directer at the Landing Gallery in Rockland, Maine.  He invited Ellen and Kristen Fitzpatrick (another artist in the group exhibition) to have a two person exhibition the following year in 2013.