Mixed Media Artist

A Sense of Place/El Sentido del Lugar

March 1, 2016

In spring 2015, Roberts was captivated by the colorful vibrant warblers while on an Audubon walk at the Whistle Stop Rail-Trail in Farmington, Maine. These Neotropical migrant songbirds fly from Ecuador to Maine each spring. They reminded her of international ambassadors, and seemed to be a metaphor for the international exchange between the Estampería Quiteña and Circling the Square Fine Art Press. Roberts researched the warblers and felt that this work encouraged us to pay attention to the biggest threats facing their species, including habitat loss, predation, cowbird parasitism and pesticides, and how these threats impact biodiversity.


Yellow-WarblerThis print was intensionally left unfinished by Roberts. All of the participants created 9″ x 9″ prints to be “intervened” or worked back into by an Ecuadorian artist. Isabel Ullauri worked back into the Yellow Warbler. The Ecuadorian artists sent prints for the artists from Circling The Square to intervene as well.



NeoTropical Traveler was Roberts’s 15 x 15″ piece. This piece focused on the Blackburnian Warbler both in flight and perched in it’s abstracted habitat. Roberts actually saw a Blackburnian Warbler when she was on her birding expedition with Western Maine Audubon.


There to Here In There to Here Roberts included three out of the four warblers that  she saw in Farmington that fly from Ecuador to Maine including the Yellow Warbler, American RedStart, and the Blackburnian Warbler. Roberts didn’t get to view the Canadian Warbler. Perhaps she will this spring!

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